We Create Business Performance


We develop comprehensive marketing and sales solutions, starting with the strategic vision and ending in their implementation.

By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market with a consistent focus on customer needs. 

Our core competence are tools and organizational structures for customer acquisition and client development.

Since more than 25 years and in over 3000 projects.


We look at every issue through the eyes of our clients and the market. This philosophy find its expression in the Marketing Partner propeller. 


The 9 phases of client interaction describe all relevant marketing and sales activities necessary for client aquisition and client development. 

It is based on the step-by-step introduction of the brand and its products, effective after-sales support and the realization of additional sales and return purchases. 


As a systematic review reveals gaps in market coverage, comprehensive solutions draw on our extensive experience and knowledge bank.


Presenting your brand.

Customer expectations are based on how they encouter the brand. 


Does your brand appearance accurately represent your services? 

Does your brand stand out amonst the competition? 

How do you make sure that your customers have a consistent brand experience across all business touch points? 

Structuring your service offerings.

Products and services require continuous innovation.


Does your current portfolio match the changing market conditions? 

How do you tap into your company’s potential for innovation?

Do you dispose of a competitive, future oriented system of prices and terms and conditions? 

Do your quality control systems extend to your products and service offerings? 

Marketing that sells.

Marketing has to generate demand. 


How do you create awareness and consumer preference for your products?

Do you use all relevant media channels for your company? 

How to make the best use of your budget? 

Is your communication mix optimally calibrated for sales?

Activating your sales.

Sales and distribution require new forms of operation. 


Do your distribution channels reach all relevant target markets? 

Did you adapt your sales approach to changes in customer requirements?

Do you use state-of-the-art sales tools and methods? 

How do you optimize your sales performance? 

Building profitable customer relations.

Customer satisfaction enables long-term business success. 


Is your company focusing on the mission-critical points of customer contact? 

Do you apply customer segmentation consistently and across all business activities? 

Are you exploiting all sources and opportunities for client aquisition? 

Is your client development focused on the long term customer value potential? 

Improving your process efficiency.

Business processes must adapt to market developments and technological advancement.   


Do your processes facilitate the realization of your brand objectives? 

Do you dispose of a market-oriented, efficient organization? 

Do you make good use of existing digitalization potential?

Do your processes have an adequate performance management?


We support you in the continued improvement of your marketing and sales strategies. We can also tap into our extensive know-how to help optimize your processes.


We share your goals. While we work with you, we see ourselves as part of your team. 


Marketing Partner offers one-stop solutions for consulting, strategizing and implementation. The brain power of our market research, creative and sales experts is at your fingertips.