What makes an eclectic team of consultants unite behind one idea?  What makes a company unique?  And what makes a team be at the top of their game every single day? At Marketing Partner, we feel that working side by side with our clients towards a shared goal is the basis for any successful project. And we practice what we preach through flat organzation that actively promotes open and honest communication.


Broad competencies are build through varied and challenging assignments in different business areas. This opens up the view to see „the big picture“. And they also build a knowledge base that allows for the development of innovative marketing and sales solutions. We don’t believe in too much specialization for our consultants. The breadth of their know-how is the capital that we work with. 

creativity at work

Excellent marketing needs creative ideas. And creative ideas are best incubated in a team-based work environment. Our associates work together and pool their know-how on any project. We actively foster this cooperative spirit, thus making room for the creative space that generates innovative ideas and concepts. To our clients benefit. 

Open and RESPECTFUL dialog

Authenticity is important to us. And mutual respect is the basis for a high-quality and productive work environment – internally and with our clients. We not only strive to offer the best solutions for our customers, but we also pride ourselves on listening for what they really need. 

continuous development

We see our employees as long term partners in their careers. Quick turn-over is anathema to us. At Marketing Partners, employee development is spelled with a capital „D“. „Learning by doing“‘ and „learning from others“ are the two elements that guarantee continuously grow our employees‘ know-how.  On top of that, we challenge our employees by constantly expanding their responsibilities on projects and within the company. 


Range and variety are important to us. That’s why we are not only looking at your major, but also at your skillset and experience – that’s what counts. Have you indulged your curiosity for economic insight though internships? Have you spent time abroad to study or to work? Do you speak and write excellent German and English? Have you shown commitment next to your studies in college, such as participating in social projects or sports? 
If your answer is „Yes“, join Marketing Partner and bring your diverse experience to our company.


What we have to offer:

  • Exciting and varied projects
  • Intensive training
  • Continuous learning on-the-job
  • Individual career planning and management
  • Regular performance reviews and mentoring conversations
  • Competitive compensation/salary


We are always looking for exceptional professionals with marketing and sales experience in our business. Self starters who take pride in the high quality of their work. Smart people who not only conceive great ideas and concepts, but who also make them reality. And also freelancers of exceptional quality with special know how.